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Algilez Lessons

We are now well into our second course of Algilez lessons. This course is being taught in our home town of Bournemouth and we are working with people from the Bournemouth University of the Third Age (U3A). This is a nation-wide organisation with branches in most towns in the UK. It is aimed at retired people who wish to keep their minds (and bodies) active by joining in various activities and classes.

This second course consists of 20 lessons (instead of the 10 lessons that we did at Greenwich University). We have one lesson per week, each of one and a half hours. Hence the total course time is 30 hours. This time we are including homework to help reinforce information given in the lessons.

My wife Sharon (who has many years experience teaching English as a foreign language) is assisting me with the teaching. We only have four students at this time but they are enthusiastic and all have some knowledge of other languages and the issues associated with learning them.

The lessons are broadly based on the App lessons prepared last year, which have been modified for classroom teaching. Lessons in a class with other students and a teacher are different to the self-learning lessons encountered in an App, since there is much more opportunity for interaction and practice.

We are presently half way through the course and will be finished by mid June 2016. We hope to run a similar course, also for U3A in Bournemouth, starting in September 2016.