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Algilez Pilot Lessons about to start

After many years of development and preparation, we are now ready to start our first pilot lessons in Algilez.

This will be a course of 1 ½ hour lessons, one per week over 10 weeks, starting 8th October 2014 at Greenwich University in south east London. Robert Sharples, who wrote the original Course Book will be teaching the course.

Obviously the amount of language that can be taught over this timescale will be limited but nevertheless it should enable us to provide ‘Proof of Concept’ – that people can learn Algilez much quicker than a natural language. By condensing the content from the original Course Book, we still hope to cover all of the main grammatical features of Algilez.

We have a number of volunteer students already in the class and are happy to welcome more. Contact me directly if you are interested in joining us.

Alan Giles

Re: Algilez Pilot Lessons about to start

Our first Algilez pilot lesson took place last week.

Robert Sharples, who wrote the Course Book was the teacher, and I joined the class to (hopefully) help out.

Our small number of volunteer students were very enthusiastic and showed a keen interest in the general ideas behind the language as well as learning.

We covered general greetings and introductions, simple questions, the Algilez alphabet and numbers - not bad for the first one and a half hour lesson!

Looking forward to lesson 2!