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Alphabet font updated

The latest version of the Algilez alphabet font is available, updated on 19 August 2014. Changes relate just to some of the IPA versions of the Algilez letters. The main Algilez alphabet is unchanged.

The Algilez-IPA comparison chart (PDF) is also affected by these changes. (Updating the font on your computer will automatically update the Algilez-IPA Comparison Chart).

Re: Alphabet font updated

Another minor update to the font.

I have slightly modified the letter 'z' to now include a central bar.

This is to assist speakers of those languages such as German etc. to remember that the pronunciation of the 'z' in Algilez is the same as in English.

Hence the Algilez word ‘bez’ would be pronounced ‘bezzz’ and not the German way ‘bets’.