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The Half Day Rental

What is a half day rental? Can I pick up a unit for a half day rate?

Re: The Half Day Rental

A half day rental consists of a unit rental up to five hours. You may reserve unit(s) for a half-day rate if you are having it delivered and set up. Your total will be the price of the half-day rate for the unit plus the delivery and set up fee.

It is impractical for a customer to pick up a moonwalk, take it home, set it up for a party, take it down and get it back within a five hour window, therefore we provide half-day rental on inflatables only if it is delivered for you.

If you decide to pick up the unit from our warehouse on the weekend, you pay the day rate but you can keep the unit for up to 48 hours.

Re: The Half Day Rental

There is no longer a half-day rental, only full day. AMR will deliver to specified areas, usually within a twenty-minute drive of the warehouse (for complete list of zip codes, go to, and will try to give you 8-10 hours with the unit. However, deliveries are first-come, first-served, so your time may be cut short due to availability of delivery guys.