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If you're looking for domestic meat rabbits for your rabbitry, please feel free to post your contact information including what breed(s) you desire. Remember to post your city and state/province. Only rabbit-related posts permitted.

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Affordable Flowers and Bouquets Del
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Posted: Sun, 22 Feb. 2015
Expires: Mon, 22 Feb. 2016
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Look for a Great Odd Job Man
Seek a Proper Odd Job Man - The majority of householders agree with the fact, it can be difficult to get a trustworthy tradesman odd jobs specialist. The fact is, you may not generally know what you are acquiring. Our tradesmen odd jobs experts happen to be graded by people such as yourself upon top quality, trustworthiness & value for your money. With thousands of tradesmen odd job men & thousands and thousands of evaluations, you'll be guaranteed to pick the correct tradesman for the project. And also, we execute all of the legwork to help you, so no more phoning a tradesman odd jobs specialist, leaving messages & praying for them to reply. Simply just place your job by using the quick form supplied. You can actually of course find professionals in several similar crafts for example carpentry and bricklaying.

Posted: Sun, 15 Feb. 2015
Expires: Mon, 15 Feb. 2016
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Florida White Meat Rabbits
Florida White. Breed designed as a small meat rabbit with excellent meat to bone ratio. Mature to 5-6 lbs. Show, breeder and pet quality. Perfect for 4-H projects. Geisy lines. All are pedigreed. Junior does and bucks 3-6 months old available. Occasionally a senior buck or doe available. $25. Pensacola, FL area.

Posted: Fri, 11 Jul. 2014
Expires: Sat, 11 Jul. 2015
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Rabbits wanted
Wanted Quality Breeding stock for Californians and New Zealands. Also interested in lops, mini rexes and lionheads. I am located around 88 miles east of El paso on Interstate 10

Posted: Wed, 28 May. 2014
Expires: Thu, 28 May. 2015
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Am Chin/NZ/Satin Mix rabbits for sa
We have 7 rabbits available from a litter.
Dam was American Chinchilla/New Zealand (Am. Chin. coloring) --excellent mother
Sire was Satin (chestnut?)

2 bucks/good weight/Am. Chin coloring/good temperament/$20 obo

1 doe/great weight/brown agouti/great temperament/$15 obo

1 buck/light weight/brown/cinnamon agouti/great temperament/$10 obo

3 does/great weight/brown agouti/active wiggly bitey temperament/$5 obo

We are in East Lansing, Michigan.

Posted: Wed, 7 May. 2014
Expires: Thu, 7 May. 2015
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Californian bucks wanted
Iam looking for a for a producer willing to ship to Puerto Rico a small group of Califonian rabbits. Easy steps, no quarantine, no lab test required.

Posted: Fri, 2 May. 2014
Expires: Sat, 2 May. 2015
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Want to buy New Zealand White Trio
In search of a New Zealand White Trio within a few hour drive of Klamath Falls, Oregon. If possible, would like a pregnant doe and a junior doe and buck but all juniors are ok. Roger -

Posted: Wed, 30 Apr. 2014
Expires: Thu, 30 Apr. 2015
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Californian rabbits/bunnies
I have 5 Califonian rabbits for sale(parents were in FFA) they were born on Feb.6,2014. Would make good pets they are so sweet and healthy. Moms and Dads on site, ( 2 different litters) $20.00 each. I will discount if you buy all 5. Email for pics. Need to sell quick not enough cage space:( my email is I am located in Huffman Tx.

Posted: Sat, 5 Apr. 2014
Expires: Sun, 5 Apr. 2015
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